Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Garden is Dying

Today is known as the Day of the Dead (El día de los muertos in Latin America). Since I started gardening, I have always associated Halloween and the Day of the Dead with the first killing frost here in the northeast.

Being in the city, it comes a few weeks later. But it's now or never to rescue whatever I want to keep indoors over the winter. Soon my inpatients will be withered, the tomato plants brown, and leaves will cover it all until next spring.

Here are some photos of my garden last’s days before the frost and the rescuing of the geraniums and parsley.

For pictures of this garden in bloom, see my post titled "My little garden."

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bebepink said...

In the Philippines, we call it the "Day of the Dead" or more aptly "All Souls Day"....
Wow, is that your's lovely.