Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Garden, so far this spring

Spring is a season of changes, little changes week by week.  From the bare earth, buds come forth.  The early spring flowers arrive.

Eventually, the bushes and trees bud and then leaf out, first in the palest of delicate greens, and then becoming the more mature greens they will display all summer.

The March flowers in the front planter
Tending the garden is one of my ways to stay in tune with the seasons, particularly in spring:  the jonquils in March into April, the roses in May and June, the Mayflowers in June, the day lilies in July.  I love to measure the passing of time by the changes in nature, even here in the city.

Here's a quick tour of our little garden this spring.

A bed of impatiens

The rhododendrons in bloom in late May 

The June roses blooming in late May.

The window boxes hanging out on the patio while the building is painted.