Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Flower of Spring!

Wow! Can you believe it? A flower blooms in February in Cambridge!

It was Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day, and there it was along a side street: a crocus grows in Cambridge.

What a harbinger of spring!

It’s still cold, but the end of winter is coming (some day)!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Least Favorite Thing!

This is an easy one: it’s those telemarketing calls!!

Why do they think they can sell you something by harassing you?

You get home after a late day and sit down to relax with your favorite beverage and maybe a little snack: Ring Ring! Won’t you contribute to our fund?

Later, you sit down to a tasty diner: Ring, Ring! So what if your potatoes get cold, don’t you want a new credit card?

It's the climax of your favorite TV show: Ring, Ring! You miss the most important line of dialog.

I HATE it!

Fortunately, we have caller ID!
  • “Unknown caller” – no response from us!
  • Calls from strange area codes: let it ring, let it ring, let it ring.
  • Strange caller ID: hey, we don’t talk to strangers.

While we still have the ring, ring, ring, but at least we know when not to answer the phone.

This post is Inspired by Bingkee’s post titled How to Get to Talk to a Human.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yeah, We Have an Intellegent President!

The President's press conference the other night proved at least one thing: we now have an intellegent, thoughtful leader. Maybe it's being a nerd myself, but I just feel better with an A student as Pres. instead of the frat boy C student who has recently moved out of DC.
Some may find him boring. No sound bites. Long-winded. No fodder for Stewart, Colbert, Leno, Letterman and SNL.
While even intellegence alone does not guarantee a quick solution to the economic downturn or our foreign policy messes, I still feel better with an intellegent guy who actually understands policy.