Sunday, November 9, 2008

Visitor in my garden

I hate spiders -- them and their yucky webs! They give me the creeps. I like to avoid them and just let them be, hopefully somewhere far from my comings and goings.

Now it's been unusually warm again, in the 60s (15 to 18 deg. C), and I was thinking of taking in my 4-ft. high geranium before the killing frost (if it ever comes). As I was about to reach for the geranium pot, I felt something funny. There was this web connected to my plant and the biggest spider I ever saw in the garden sitting in the middle of her web. Well, I just left her alone.

Later I showed it to Rosie who said “Hmm, not going to catch much at this time of year.” Unless some insects decided to check out the unusually warm weather in November, she’ll go hungry.

Her she is, squatting in my garden!

Today, the web remains, but no garden spider.

1 comment:

Manz said...

You should have feed it something - kept it as a pet ;)

I was terrified of spiders at one point in my life. When I decided I wanted to live in an environment that was ripe with them, I told myself that I had to get over the fear... forcing myself to watch them did the trick - fear is gone.

Although, it could come back if I woke up with one on my face!!