Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My idyllic version of a summer evening: warm (but not too humid), a clear sky, and a big field or meadow to roam barefoot, just at dusk as the fireflies come out.

This is just such a vivid image from the few times in my childhood when I was away from the city, often on vacation or visiting family. There were a few early teen years when we lived outside the city, but by then, fireflies were not the first thing on my mind.

I just love watching them fly. If it is just after dusk, you can often see them between blinks. But as night approaches, it is only their occasional blinks of yellow light that hints at the pattern of their gently looping flight above the lawn or into the bushes and trees. It is just such a peaceful scene.

I love to catch one just momentarily and peak as it blinks in the darkness of my cusped hand. Then, I let it just fly away. So, gently.

But, their blinking has romantic overtones as the males are in search of their mates. What a wonderful courting ritual!

While I love living in the city, I truly miss the spectacle of fireflies in the meadow on a warm July night!