Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Hate Winter Hair!

We have had a really brutal, cold, and dry winter. It's horrible for hair!  It's all dry and sometimes frizzy.  But without it's normal curl, it just drops straight, especially after I've been wearing a warm wool hat on a single-digit degree day.

For someone with relatively short hair, and a bit thin in the front, it can be a disaster. Tell me about thin hair!  A year or so ago, a cousin said I look just like my grandmother and great aunt who had thin hair, especially in the front!

The photo on the left below was last May, when at least I could get some curl in my short, somewhat thin hair.  Yes, I do get it colored; being "distinguished" with gray is oversold, in my opinion!  Last time I got a color and cut, and my stylist teased up a few waves on top, a homeless guy on the street asking for a smoke said I looked like "a young Rod Stewart!"

After a complement like that, I'm thinking winter isn't all bad if I can only just hide my hair under my nice, warm winter hat all the time!
At least in the spring and summer,
I can get some curl in my hair.
A young Rod Stewart?  I don't
think so!  But I like the "young" part