Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Beautiful Day in March

Finally, a beautiful weekend in March! And the signs of spring are multiplying, even if spring is officially still 2 weeks away.

This morning, the birds were singing. I found a few crocuses shyly blooming in the yard next door. Buds are appearing on trees, and my little baby buds are turning into juvenile jonquils and daffodils. Before the month is over, a bed of sunny yellow flowers will brighten the garden in front of my home.

It got over 50 degrees today, so I got out my flip flops and walked around in them all day. So nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my feet for the first time in 5 months!

Below, buds are appearing in the trees.

It's two weeks since my Signs of Spring post. Below you can see how much they've grown.

Beautiful day on the Charles River. Even a couple of rowers in shells were spotted.

Here's a blowup of the rowers.


Manz said...

Enjoy that warmth! The opposite is happening here - and it's getting colder and colder each time I wake up. This morning, mist covered everything... and it isn't winter yet!

bingkee said...

Wow ur in flipflops,, not yet...I still feel the nippiness on my feet and toes which is very uncomfortable....when the temps rise to the upper 60's , that I will wear flipflops..
Beautiful pics of your garden...and it's nice to see Chahhhhs Rivahhh once again...heheeh

Rachy said...

Bingkee, love it, you got that Bahstahn accent nailed!!!