Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost Spring!

After a weekend of drenching rain, the sun came out and so the signs of spring. Only 5 days to go to my favorite season.

For me, spring is the season of hope: little buds daring to pop up above the ground litter and add color to the gray and brown bleakness. Life reborn.

Below: It's only March, but the trees look like they're almost ready to leaf out.

Below: A couple of views of the crocuses in the garden next door, now in full bloom!

Below: Look at how much my little jonquils have grown since my last post!


bingkee said...

I love flowers....I wish your photos are bigger .....I have this habit of smelling flowers...love, love spring.

doyetski said...

I do agree that spring is the season of hope. And what better way to symbolize this than the flowers. Love the crocuses.