Friday, May 1, 2009

Breasts, What Are They Good For?

Breasts: sex objects or the natural way to feed your baby? After reading a friend's blog post about post-nursing breasts, I thought of the contrast between what breasts were designed to do (i.e., nursing babies) and breasts as exhibited in celebratory fashion.

At this point, I'll let guys, looking for something more salacious, to click the back button and return to their search page.

Ok, back to my post.

Now, not only have necklines plunged to mere inches above the nipple, but we see some celebrity dresses feature a mere two vertical sashes leaving ample side cleavage, and little to the imagination.

With so much revealed, you can almost guarantee every celebrity needs medical enhancing to get that perfect shape and size.

Clearly, in American culture the breast has become a sex object, maybe even the first thing a guy looks at. (But I won't say anything disparaging about men; they're intoxicated with testosterone and can’t help it if society has defined breasts as something to become aroused at mere sight of one.)

But let's contrast this with Muslim culture where women are covered head to toe. No wonder the culture war between Islam and the West!

Also contrast that with a more conservative time in the US (‘50s, early 60’s) when breasts were out of sight, out of mind, and served no function. The modern woman of that time chose the “modern” way to feed her baby with delicious, “nutritious” formula!

Hmmm, do you think that once breasts stopped serving their biological function, they became sexual?

Finally, consider some societies in the warmer climates of Africa and southeast Asia where women may go around topless. In these societies, this is simply natural, and breast do not take on a sexual nature. No customers for enhancement there!

Now I don't mean to be prudish about breasts, but I do think our celebrity culture has taken breasts to an extreme!


RedKnight said...

In Sweden, and other countries in the surrounding region, it is not uncommon for women on the beach to go topless. I sometimes read "Pravda Online" and I will at times see pictures showing at least parts of women's breasts. Over in that part of the world, they seemingly think nothing of the human breasts. It is no more erotic over there than a woman's hair is erotic overhere. But as you've mentioned, in many muslim countries, even the heads are covered. It all just depends on what you're used to seeing I guess.

Rajshekhar Karlekr said...

its true that its an important organ for feeding the baby. Now a days its sex symbol. In india breast is the next site of female body where the male eyes goes after her face. Ladies are now more concious for their shape and size and try to maintain it. In india breastfeeding is considered important from the history and at the same time importance of breast in sexual act!
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Beth said...

Great piece!

When I was pregnant with my son the first thought that came to mind was to breast feed and breastfeed is exactly what was done.

God gave me the abundance of milk for my child and to me that was a sign.

I will admit that at times I do use my breasts to get what I want and sometimes just a good busline works better then a bit of cleavage. As for to low of a neckline, that isn't my style but going a little cleavage when I'm feeling bold is sometimes.

Here in NYS it is legal to go topless at public beaches in designated sections. Although, nobody ever really uses them. With the invention of video phone, who would dare!

One last though is that my grandfather had a nude picture of Marlyn Monroe on an old 1950 calendar. We actually have it here with only December left on it.

Who here read Stephen King's Shawshank Redemption? If so do you remember when the main character was finally released from prison he mentioned how woman were out of site and out of mind and now they walked around braless. The old man couldn't help but to walk around all the time with a semi hardon.