Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walking on a Rainy Day

Usually a rainy day is a depressing: stuck inside, getting your clothes wet if you go outside, the sun isn't shining, so why bother? It's weather only a duck can enjoy!

But walking home from work in the rain this evening was actually pleasant. It was quite warm and the rain was gently falling on my head. It was more a mist than a rain, gently refreshing, and not getting me all soaked by any means.

I was thinking of last summer. I was a big downpour, but I went out to the store in shorts and flip flops with an umbrella. I didn't mind getting wet walking through the puddles. It was all quite refreshing.......

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fedhz said...

I love walking under the rain. It makes me feel relaxed and enjoy life as it is. I miss doing that, because now I'm very cautious about me getting sick now that I have a kid.

I promise when she gets older we will both sing and dance under the rain.. "oh.. how I love the rainy day..."