Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life in this vertically-gifted body called me

Well, you see, I've always been tall and self-conscious about it. I tend to stoop a bit to take a little bit off the vertical difference between me and the ground. We'll a 6-foot girl can only do so much. There's just a lot of me! Some girls top off at 5'-2" or maybe even 5'-6". But my real estate continues upward for another full 6" for a total of 6 feet!

Perhaps the worst thing was going to one of those websites that creates a virtual you, to see how clothes will look on you. So, I put in my dimensions and my shape, and there it was -- "virtual Rachy"!!!! (See picture at right.)

So when I saw this virtual me, I said: am I really that fat??? Really? Must be something wrong with the software!

Well, I could be depressed, or I could use a little sense of humor. Choosing humor, I thought: They say the sum of the parts can be greater than the whole. So, I decided maybe I'm better subdivided, say into more manageable parts. So I established the three major geographic regions of Rachy:

---Upper Rachy

---Middle Rachy

---Lower Rachy

Well, each of the regions don't look so bad! I guess I can live with that! (Actually, I'm not so fond of photos of the whole of me, but sometimes one part or another looks ok. So I have a bunch of edited pictures where I've cropped off the top or the bottom or both.)

So, I guess if you're not pleased with whole body, maybe you can finds some "regions" that are ok. So, for now I'll remain, Rachy, the girl in three parts.


Andrea Runyan said...

I bet the virtual woman is just really strange and doesn't match up with how you really look.

Ropi said...

Well I am a tall guy but my main problem is that I am too thin at times and shoes. I am 6'5.2.