Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Trials and Tribulations of this Rachy Name!

So, when I started blogging back in 2008, I wanted to use a name that was different from what people knew me as.  Everyone uses Rach as short for Rachel, so that's not all that unique.  So, what about "Rachy?" 

I noticed that Rachy seemed to be a nickname for Rachel in England, and I'm part English, so sounds like a plan.  Thus was born "Rachy's Other Thoughts," this blog where  I could write about my range of sane to crazy thoughts on various topics. 

For a number of years, I purposely didn't let friends and family know about this blog, so I felt free to write without being hassled about it.  Nothing lasts forever!

So, this "Rachy" got out.  I suppose that would be fine on its own.  I would get some sing-song greeting "Oh, hi, Ra---chy!"   But then there was this 1960s song "Windy" by the Association.  Someone (I won't say who, but her name begins with "R") got this brilliant idea:  substitute "Rachy" wherever "Windy" comes up in the lyrics.  So, now I get serenaded with "Everyone know it's Rachy!"  Good grief!

Well, it's out now, so you, too, can sing along with it!  Here's a version of "Windy," so go ahead, try it.  I'm used to it now.

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