Friday, January 15, 2010

Since When is 12 a "Plus Size"??

The New York Times Styles Section yesterday (Jan. 14, 2010) featured Crystal Renn, who, at size 12 is considered a "plus model." Plus model indeed! She looks rather "normal size" to me!!

When did size 12 become a plus size? When I hear "plus size" I think "fat!" But, consider that the average American women is a size 14. Is size 12 really "fat?"

Crystal was reported to be 5'-9" measuring 38C-30-42 and size 12. Apparently, in modeling -- dominated by like size 2 starving young women (some with bearly discernable busts) -- the cutoff is size 10. So, if your size 12 or bigger (fatter), your a "plus."

Now, this is personal because I'm also a size 12 (well, most of the time. sometimes I can fit into a 10, all depends on the cut). And I don't think I'm "fat." Well, maybe "big" but being 6' long and not anemic, I'm far from petite!

But I like "tall" or "long" better than "big" (or "fat").

My dimensions (40c-32-38) are kinda in the same ballpark as Crystal, but being taller, I have a few more pounds on my frame. And I'm more than twice her age, too! She is far more attractive, that I can admit.

But here's my question: at size 12, do I look like a "plus" or just "not bad for over 50!" -- what do you think?


RedKnight said...

Both the model and you are tall for being women. So you two would necessarily weigh more than an average height woman. When I think of plus size, I think of full figured, not necessarily fat. It's for women what big and tall is for men. Though of course overweight women would also be shopping in the plus size section. It's all about dimensions, not size. I don't think that you look overweight much if at all. And if it makes you feel any better, my sister, who is short and fat, wears petite sizes.

bingkee said...

If you're taller than 5'9" and is not overweight (which you are not), then you're not a plus size. You know American apparel sizes are just representations of your figure. I've heard that that manufacturers today label size 2 for size 3 , so women feel and think they're smaller. But I guess it's how your body frame is proportionate to your weight and of course, if you;re healthy, sizes don' matter.
I've written a recent post about this because the sizes here confused me once. I'm 33-26-36, 5'5" tall, and now 118 lbs. (as recommended by the doctor to gain weight) and wears a size 3 or 4. But what is size 3 or 4 ? It does not measure my bust size or my waist size or my hip size. So they're really just numbers.
By the way, you look terrific and with that figure, you're gorgeous and what they say, curvaceous. (I wish I have curves....hahaha)

Rachy said...

yes, bingkee, sizes are a funny thing! i had a great aunt who worked in an upscale clothing store in new york city. when a true plus sized woman would come in, they would flatter her by saying "oh, you don't need a bigger size, just a more generous cut!"

Rachel Heath said...

My daughter was going through a faze where she would weigh herself daily. I was concerned about this and finally got her to stop by letting her know a few things about different body types. She didn't understand that our bones are all shaped differently, muscles weigh more than fat and that if she looked ok, what did it matter what a weight chart at school told her. Anyway, I know this is a struggle for all women and now young girls. I am so blessed to have a husband who doesn't like "too thin" on a women. He loves home cooked meals so maybe that's why. ;o)