Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do You Need a Perfect Vagina?

Do You Need a Perfect Vagina? How’s that for a questions? But can you believe this is a trend in cosmetic surgery for women?

Maybe I’m getting old, but I still remember when it was the thing to get a face lift or a tummy tuck. Before that, there was always the nose job. Well, at least these alterations related to the part of your body that everyone sees on a regular basis.

But the vagina? I keep thinking to myself, why? Who’s going to notice? It’s not something you’ll notice every time you look in a mirror. And it’s not something someone near you on the elevator will see. So, why spend $5,000 to have a perfect vagina?

A report by the BBC (New warning on “perfect vaginas”) says some women are embarrassed in front of a sexual partner.

Maybe. Depending on the nature of the encounter. But in intimate encounters of, shall we say, the “first kind”, it’s not exactly what’s he’s looking at. It’s usually dark….all he’s looking for is the entry portal. As he’s finding his way in, his mind is not on the aesthetics of the entryway, that’s for sure! For guys, it’s simple: he finds his way into the “happy place,” the big event happens (hopefully, not too soon), and then he’s happy and maybe you are, too. In my perspective, it’s the presence of the vagina, not the perfection of its appearance, that is the main attraction for the guy.

But, that's only one perspective. There may be other reasons…..some women complain of being uncomfortable in tight clothes or riding a bike. Maybe there are other personal reasons to spend $5,000 for perfection in this private region. Leave a comment about what you think.


Amy said...

I would say YES if was medically necessary or malformed in some way. I would definatly say NO to do something done for vanity. I think the cost of a therapist would be cheaper in the long run and help more. Plus what was said about the man, he will not care if you think you look funny ,well you know men! Unless as stated above.

G said...

hum..being a man of curiosity and desire,i will have to disagree with Rachy's comments on the man and his encounter with the vagina.I find the vagina a curious and interesting,shall we say,'toy'.And to just locate the 'portal' and simply plunge in does unjust to the description of a mans encounter/mission with a or the vagina...Though,you are correct on one thing,The 'Happy Place' :-)...Greg