Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring – I Can Feel It Coming!

When I went out this morning, I could feel it. Spring is coming! The sun was stronger, even if the air was cool. Even in the city, you can smell spring in the earth. Yep, it's only a week until the 1st day of spring!

And the crocuses are starting to shyly bloom. They stay close to the ground – never know when we’ll have another snow.
The yellow flower is in front our our home; the purples ones are next door.

The daffodils are coming up, too. It’s very sunny in the front, so spring comes a few week earlier to this front planter.

The daffidols in the planter are a couple of weeks from blooming (maybe less) .

Red buds on the maple tree in front of our place.

Besides the weather, the other sign of spring is the flipping of earth's axis. When it's winter in the northern hemisphere, the South Pole points to the sun. After the spring equinox, the North Pole points to the sun.

Some believe this flip of the poles, also shifts the gravitational field of the earth. As proof, it is said you can stand an egg on end on the spring equinox.

A quick search of the internet reveals this is true. See the various photos of eggs standing on end, not only accomplished by scientist in the lab, but also at home!

Leave a comment if you can get an egg to stand on end!

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