Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yeah, We Have an Intellegent President!

The President's press conference the other night proved at least one thing: we now have an intellegent, thoughtful leader. Maybe it's being a nerd myself, but I just feel better with an A student as Pres. instead of the frat boy C student who has recently moved out of DC.
Some may find him boring. No sound bites. Long-winded. No fodder for Stewart, Colbert, Leno, Letterman and SNL.
While even intellegence alone does not guarantee a quick solution to the economic downturn or our foreign policy messes, I still feel better with an intellegent guy who actually understands policy.

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Real Politics said...

Do you really think this President is that smart? You have to be kidding. While the man is well spoken and I would never say dumb but is merely a puppet for the leftest agenda. He does not have any of his own ideas shown by his record to never have sponsored any bill while senator, and this so called stimulus package is a joke and his first lie as a president. The whole bill is full of pork. Do not be easily swooned by the media. They want him as president and so they will make everything he does look like gold.