Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friendly Felines, Carnivorous & Cohabitating

The world is more or less divided into those who love cats and those who hate them. Well, I fall into the first category, and cohabitate with 2 carniveorous friendly felines. They are part Maine coon cats, and come with lots of fluff. (And my clothes pick up lots of fluff, too!)

But, as the weather turns cold, there's nothing like a fluffy, purring lap cat (cuts down on heating bills, too!).

"Fluff #1" on the left is the affectionate, but skittish one we call Scout. "Fluff #2" on the right is the smarter and more self-reliant Maggie. They were litter mates, but have grown apart and each has its own territory. About once a day they pounce on each other.

The funniest thing is when we actually get a mouse in the house, and they try to take care of things. One will catch the mouse, walk around with just the tail sticking out of her mouth, and then let it go. Then they paw at it, and maybe catch it again or just loose interest. Good thing they are fed cat food, as they might not survive on their hunting sills.

Here are 2 cats who know how to keep warm in the mountains of Peru. Comecuye is sitting on top of the wood stove while kitten #2 sits under the stove with just his head sticking out. They keep their welcome by staying out of the way and catching any unwelcomed rodents. (But not the guinea pigs, which share the kitchen and courtyard – they are a delicacy in Peru.)

Later Comecuye curls up to keep warm in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your division! lol. I'm a cat lover too and have my own adorable all black stray. I'm not sure where I got those caution signs, they've been in my photobucket account for long time.

sami said...

I like this post :) I'm a cat lover too :)